Shiftall MeganeX VR headset

    The MeganeX from Panasonic’s Shiftall, compatible with SteamVR, is a Virtual Reality (VR) headset that is ultra-lightweight and ultra-compact. The gadget is an improvised device launched at CES 2020, and the newer version has received a lighthouse adapter for SteamVR.The headset is accoutred with a 5.2 K/10bit HDR micro-OLED display by Kopin and a pancake lens by Panasonic. These unique gadgets will deliver the world’s highest viewing experience and black expression that only OLED can provide.

    The headset has A folding frame with built-in speakers, which makes it easily portable without any hassle. It supports 6DoF and lets you enjoy a variety of SteamVR-enabled VR applications.

    MeganeX primarily focuses on the proper fit and comfort of its consumers. Besides being lightweight, it provides comfortable playing for heavy users, and they spend more than 2,000 hours a year in the Metaverse. A forehead pad distributes pressure and ensures an IPD of 56 -72 mm. The user can make the lenses to suit them and fit them into the supplied spectacle lens adapters to accommodate different dioptres, including astigmatism. A dioptre adjustment mechanism is not available.

    The two versions of MeganeX headsets

    There are two versions of Shiftall’s MeganeX. The first one is the consumer version which costs $1,699, and a Business Edition, the price of which is yet to be determined.

    The MeganeX Business edition headset is a version crafted especially for Business purposes. It can be shared among multiple users by supporting the dioptre adjustment function for every person’s eyesight. The nose-holding pad makes it easy to wear and take off.

    The MeganeX headset has two options: the inside-out room-scale tracking and SteamVR base stations (1.0 and 2.0), providing 2,560 × 2,560 per eye via two independent 1.3-inch microphones OLED displays, which Kopin built.

    The thin lenses of the headset, which are pancake lenses, were manufactured by Panasonic. It includes onboard processing of Snapdragon XR1 but cannot operate in standalone mode. The module is attachable and has a wing-like structure seen above on the consumer version for SteamVR base stations.

    The consumer version of the headset offers a broader IPD compared to the Business Edition at a range of 56-72mm, including a glasses adapter to accommodate bespectacled users of all sorts. While on the flip side, the Business Edition comes with a built-in diopter adjustment for near-sighted users, supporting a range of up to -7D, which is an addition to the platform’s glasses adapter.

    Glancing upon the unique features and configuration of the headsets, these gadgets will be sold when the sale begins. The portability and sophisticated functions are the gadgets’ advantages. The two variations are captivating for customers to buy the product according to their requirements. The two versions of the MeganeX headsets from Panasonic’s Shiftall will be around April or March this year. The consumer version will be launched directly on the official and authentic Shiftall website.

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