Best 5 Mustard Smartwatches

    Mustard Smartwatches

    Discover the top 5 Mustard smartwatches, from the affordable Tempo to the popular CZAR. These watches offer performance comparable to high-end brands, with features like heart tracking, sleep monitoring, and sports modes. Find the perfect watch to fit your lifestyle, with options to customize and personalize.

    Mustard is an emerging Indian brand, but with the strong foothold it is establishing with each step it takes, it sure will be a powerhouse in the industry soon. So check out and get the chance to discover the treasures before it gets into the hand of many.

    Mustard Tempo (₹1,999)

    Delivering performance comparable to that of high-end smartwatches, Mustard brings forth Tempo at an extremely affordable price.

    The smart LCD of 1.69’’ gives HD and smooth viewing experience to users. Apart from being the smooth player it is, the smartwatch packs a tank of endurance with it. At full charge, the smartwatch can run 6 days straight, even with regular usage, while on standby it can last a whole month. This makes Mustard Tempo an unbeatable player within this range of price in the field of the market.

    Containing a highly accurate sensor, this smartwatch can keep a thorough check on the health of its user 24×7. Stay alert regarding the level of oxygen in your blood by referring to the precise SpO2 tracker on your smartwatch. Particularly beneficial for patients with breathing issues, low blood haemoglobin levels etc. Or even for people travelling to an elevated landscape suddenly. For chronic or acute– any case this smartwatch will come to be handy on the wrist of its user.

    Additional features such as a pedometer and sedentary reminder are provided to boost activity and engagement. With the help of a pedometer, the smartwatch can count the number of steps taken by the user, over what period and crossing how much distance. This will keep the user up-to-date with their activity anytime and anywhere. Plus the sedentary reminder will alert the user when they have not been active for a bit too long to be good for health. This will help the user be conscious of their day-to-day activities and be mindful of their health and fitness.

    Now coming to those who do not require any additional push to be motivated to stay active and just need a versatile aid to accompany them in their fitness ventures. Given over 120 sports modes, allowing the smartwatch to adapt to the various number of physical activities the user may get into.

    The water drinking reminder and sleep monitor are valuable additions to develop and encourage healthy habits. Do not forget to hydrate your body anymore being caught amid hustle and bustle of life. Regulate a healthful sleep schedule with the sleep monitor built-in the smartwatch, and measure not only the hours but also the quality of your sleep. Having Mustard Tempo will help your body be fed and bed at the proper time.

    A bonus feature worth mentioning for this smartwatch is, it can be used as a remote control. It allows the user to use it as a switch for the camera and music player. Also, more than 150 watch faces are made available to the user to wear each day.

    This little smartwatch flaunts a sleek and attractive body made of metal, which makes it sturdy and also gives off a lustrous look. It is not just a looker but also got intrinsic capabilities as well. The sturdiness and durability also extend to water resistance to some extent making it moisture, humidity and splashproof.

    Available in 4 different colour variants like Black, Silver, Red and Green in the market, all at the same price. Mustard Tempo is for anyone who does not want their rhythm to slow down.

    Mustard CZAR (₹3,799)

    The most popular among all the Mustard smartwatches, it is unfair to go beyond without mentioning this one. The list of its merits is endless it will take a seasoned critic to find its flaws. Considering the price bracket it comes in, even if any disadvantageous qualities can be found, will sure be pardonable.

    The largest possible display size now in this industry, the dimension of 1.81’’ is featured on this watch, coupled with a curved dial with a resolution of 240×286 pixels, which amounts to a luxurious 3D screen dynamic visibility.

    Mustard CZAR runs on a mega-powerful battery of 280mAh which can be fast charged. The result of this is 8 days long run time, and withstand two weeks on standby.

    Whether you are training in the gym, toughening up in the mountains or weathering yourself in the sands, allow the CZAR to take reign of your regiment and track the graph of your progress and effort. Select out of a wide array of sports modes, i.e. over 120, to perform and let the smartwatch catch up to you. The IP68-rated water resistance reinforces this ability in the smartwatch making it stronger as well. Submersible in a water level of 1 meter, and remain unwavering even in grime, dust, sweat and sand, persistence is its prominent quality.

    The Mustard CZAR presents over 150 watch faces in its cloud storage where the user can select to apply or customise as per their wishes. Make the smartwatch truly your own marking its face your way giving it a unique persona of its own, just like yours.

    Balance your health with an all-rounder healthcare companion. It will track your heart, blood, oxygen and even your stress levels. Combined with the monitor for sleep and menstrual cycle it is a powerful tool to know your mental health condition. Therefore added the features of water tracking and breathing exercises which are helpful with regulating these.

    Partner it along with your smartphone and it will be your secretary in arranging out and making calls and messages and keep you updated with the notifications. It contains not only many talents, but also the capability to multitask. The user can perform two separate tasks simultaneously on the screen with its special split-screen mode.

    Such prodigal talents of Mustard CZAR can be best utilised only by someone of equal, if not higher calibre, thus available in only royal colours of gold and silver. So get it in your hands with faith in yourself.


    Mustard Tempo Pro (₹2,999)

    Users who loved the Tempo before but could not find it matching their rhythm very well might as well find the perfect harmony here with Mustard Tempo Pro. With shelling out only a few more bucks you can get the evolutionary progressive version of the already familiar Tempo. So time to be introduced and familiarised with this one as well.

    Just like the basic version of it, this Pro one is a capable health guide and companion. Blood pressure, oxygen saturation level and heart rate can all be left in its care. It will also remind you to stay active and hydrated at intervals. With multiple sports, mode pushes you to the limits and checks out the structured results.

    Never think a moment longer in deciding to jump in the water with a splash, since the waterproof build of the smartwatch will hold itself long. So whether in rain or shine, without worrying about humidity or sweat keep on moving.

    The unbeatable battery capacity is back again in this Pro. The 6-day-long regular player can go for a month if allowed to rest. So take liberties with it and do not make any excuse to miss out on a day of exercise or physical activities.

    Coming to the features that set it apart and give it the higher ground, the 1.69’’ large display has rounded corners which gives it an aesthetic appeal. Encased in the metallic frame hereafter is like a cherry on top, giving it that posh look and feel.

    Keep up with the world just with a motion of your hand. Save contact list, call logs and dial number, to make or receive calls anytime on the go. The Bluetooth connectivity and speaker will enable a smooth calling experience even without a smartphone.

    Let the smartwatch give you a hand while being on your hand with daily tasks like helping you get up on time. Set an alarm or mute it just through it. Know whether to carry a raincoat, umbrella or sunglasses just before going out by checking in through this smartwatch. Plan and be the Pro.

    Unlike its earlier variant, Tempo Pro comes in only 3 variants, 1 less than Tempo only. The colours Black and Silver remain, but replacing Green and Red come in a new and pretty Pink. Mustard enables the users to set themselves apart not only by the variations in colours to choose from but also by letting them pick from the multiple cloud-based watch faces. Change and wear or even customise according to day and occasion, or just your mood.

    So step up the game and let this Mustard Tempo Pro help you pace up the rhythm of life.


    Mustard Magma (₹4,999)

    The top ranger from this brand, Mustard’s Magma is an entity to behold. Comprising all the best features and refraining from all the disparities, it is among the best and most refined smartwatches in the market.

    The Magma features a 1.78’’ large AMOLED display with a resolution of 368×448 pixels. Enjoying the viewing experience of the borderless design along with the metal body is sure something to vaunt about. Its substantial build of it along with the resilient crafting material does not stop it from being a beauty to behold. With a water resistance of rate IP68, it can be worn through sweat or rain, and even in a freshwater body to a depth of 1 meter. It is a staunch companion to have along in any adventure.

    The smartwatch holds over 100 sports modes to switch about and an abundance of health monitoring systems allowing its users to push up their limits further and be on the way to the pinnacle of an active lifestyle. Apart from its pushing ability, it can also be helpful in the course of nurturing the body and mind of the user. The guided breathing practices and an especially structured system for the health of women are greatly appreciated. It does not miss out on the water drinking reminder, sedentary alert and also the sleep monitor.

    Good health does not come from only internal self-care. Having a healthy social and personal balance is an essential part of it since we are social creatures and thus, are immensely influenced by it. So strike the right chord of harmony by letting the calling and messaging be done with the help of this smartwatch. Push any notification and reply quickly through the watch, plus even make calling smooth with Bluetooth connectivity. Just connect and synchronise, that is all it requires to make socializing experience clutter-free.

    Take a moment to charge it up to the brink and witness the flow of power for 15 days straight. Using this power-up will last for 5 days, which can be extended with power saving mode. Harness this power and keep it under control with just your voice with the help of AI voice assistance like Siri and Google Assistant. Just command anything and let the smartwatch use its smarts to deal with it.

    Learn how one touch is all it takes to use the smartwatch as a remote to your camera and audio players. Now click that difficult shot or swing the mood by shifting the music, just with a touch.

    Stuck somewhere without a smartphone and need to kill some time? Fear not to die of boredom, Magma also carries two fun utilities like Bird Game and Number Koltski to forget about the time ticking away.

    With three colour variants as chic as Pink, Silver and Black, and also 150+ watch faces to pick from, let yourself express yourself, blend in the vicinity or stand out in the situation.

    Mustard’s Magma is made for the personalities born to thrive and become enigmas.


    Mustard Rock (₹2,799)

    Made to make its user shine, Mustard Rock is a companion to always be at the beck and call of its user.

    This smartwatch has the industry-leading dimensions 1.81’’ HD display to boot. And not forgetting to mention, this premium large screen has a resolution of 240×286 pixels and 500 nits of brightness. The frame is crafted to be as slim and narrow as possible to give off that frameless viewing experience.

    Carrying a full healthcare package, this smartwatch has it all. The smartwatch has been built with a new algorithm, which has made it more efficient with the help of a multi-core chip, resulting in fine-tuned sensory detection and near-accurate record tracking. It collects real-time data on blood oxygen saturation level, heart rate and blood pressure, which can be easily synchronised with a phone application almost instantaneously.

    In addition to these monitoring facilities, the smartwatch also carries smart help for regulating some important spheres of life. A system dedicated to menstrual health has been made to be provided for individuals who menstruate. It is an exceedingly beneficial feature. Regardless of having POCS or planning childbirth, in which cases tracking the menstrual cycle is a necessity, it is very helpful for anyone to understand their cycle length, duration, and symptoms and observe recurrences.

    The feature to facilitate practising breathing exercises is a thoughtful approach to the health of its users. People who find it difficult to meditate on their own will find this to be helpful meditation guidance. Doing breathing exercises hold a vital role in maintaining holistic wellness. For people with lungs related problems, or suffering from anxiety or other such and such illness, doing different types of breathing exercises are proven method to see improvement.

    The way Mustard Rock tailored the smartwatch to fit its users’ requirements is noteworthy. From mental to physical health, it monitors them all reflecting the overall health status in the form of data recorded away on the phone. This surely packs a 360° healthcare service.

    The watch has 120+ sports modes for the user to switch around and about. So feel like running or cycling, aerobics or yoga, this smartwatch will mould itself to the user and record the details in an optimum way.

    Mustard enables its users to make calls and even accept or reject them easily. Just sync the Rock with the smartphone contact list, and the smartwatch will be prepared. The built-in microphone and speaker make the smartwatch a smart wrist-bound calling gadget. Also, call not only people from your contacts but call your smartwatch just as easily with the power of Google Assistant or Siri. Have absolute control over the smartphone with help from the smartwatch by using just your voice.

    Overlooking any notification will become a big no-no because of this smartwatch. Get all your notifications pushed into the screen on your hand with just a little sync. All your SMS, SNS or emails will be presented via the 1,81’’ display.

    Get weather forecasts and updates for the present to the next 2 days and be ever prepared for whatever is coming next. Additionally, with just a flick of the wrist, the user can transform the watch into a camera and music remote control.

    Use that extra big screen space to indulge yourself in some fun and leisure. The smartwatch comes with 2 built-in games– Whack a mole and 2048. These are pretty simple but addictive, requiring the presence of the mind.

    All these sensational features would have fallen flat if not backed by the big reserve of power held by the smartwatch. A single full charge would allow it to last 6 days, but with the function of power saving mode, the watch can last a fortnight of duration for good.

    The smartwatch is available in 3 colours–black, silver and green– so pick whichever suits you. After initial picking up, the user also gets to pick from the 6 inbuilt watch faces, getting a wider range of options from cloud storage and matching with their vibe.

    The Mustard Rock, strong and dependable as its name, is for the people who are determined to make their life rock!


    Delivering back-to-back effectively competitive and quality products, is a house to have trust upon. So getting your hands on their first launches before anyone else will give you bragging rights in near future. Make heads turn by fashioning the best quality smartwatches at an enviable cost. Try out their range of smartwatches spread across the spectrum of prices and know for yourself.

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