Riding Safe: Mo’Cycle’s Smart Airbag Jeans Provide Innovative Protection for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    Airbag jeans

    Safety is the biggest concern while riding a two-wheeler. Generally, if an accident occurs at a slow speed while driving a car, then the passengers and the driver sitting inside the car are largely safe. But this does not happen with bike riders. Cars have many safety features like airbags but airbags cannot be provided in bikes. Keeping this in mind, a Swedish company has launched Airbag Jeans for bike drivers, which ensures the safety of the driver in case of any emergency or accident.

    Swedish brand Mo’Cycle has designed a protective jean that is equipped with an airbag feature. These jeans inflate within seconds of the bike rider falling to provide protection to the lower body in case of an accident. These jeans equipped with airbags look just like normal pants, but a special type of fabric has been used in them. It is comfortable against the body while providing you better protection while wearing.

    First of all, let us tell you that CO2 (carbon dioxide) cartridge has been given in this jeans, which can be replaced. Once used it has to be changed again. Let us now tell you how these airbag jeans work. Actually, after wearing these jeans, the strip given in it has to be tied to any part of the bike like shocker, frame or footrest etc. Airbag detaches. Immediately after that the information given in the jeans becomes active and gets deployed in a few seconds.

    It can be used as normal jeans:

    You must be thinking that how will these jeans be useful when they are dirty, then what to do in such a situation? So let us tell you that the company has prepared this airbag jeans in two parts. The first part is a regular, stretchy and airy jeans as we are used to. Just its fabric is slightly different. And the other part is the airbag module, which is fitted inside the jeans. This module is completely hidden before deployment. To wash the jeans, you just need to unzip its chain and take out its airbag module, after which it can be washed like normal denim jeans.

    Handmade in Italy and France, these jeans are crafted for great looks and protection. To improve the safety of the knees, the company has used special knee protectors in this airbag, which provides more protection to the driver’s knees when they fall on the road during an accident. This Airbag Jeans is available in two colors Black and Blue.

    What is the weight and price of this airbag jeans?

    It should be noted that a force of approximately 88 pounds (40 kg) is required to activate the airbag. Road accident statistics show that bike riders are the most vulnerable, in such a situation these airbag jeans come in handy. Its price has been fixed at $ 499.

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