Latest Mi Watch, Latest Fitbit Watch & Latest Fastrack Smart Watch

    Want to buy a smartwatch but don’t know what to look for? You may not know what kind of smartwatch suits you, but experts have got you covered there too. Whether you’re looking for a smart wearable for fitness or just an everyday wearable, experts have everything you want.

    These new smartwatches from Mi, Fitbit and Fastrack, are here! Check out these latest smartwatch models:

    Latest Mi Watch, Latest Fitbit Watch & Latest Fastrack Smart Watch

    1. Mi Watch Lite
    2. Fitbit Charge 5
    3. Fastrack Reflex Curv Smart Watch

    Features and Specifications

    Mi Watch Lite

    • Its cost is ₹ 4,699/-
    • The Mi Watch Lite is more than just a typical smartwatch; it has a distinct personality.
    • To accommodate your ever-changing style, there are three colour variations for the watch case, five colour options for the strap, over 120 themed watch faces, and watch face function customization.
    • It has a TFT colour touch screen of 1.4″.
    • It also supports adjusting the brightness automatically.
    • It gathers all the information you require on a single screen.
    • Both indoor and outdoor activity is handled by it. Thus, it is like your own private instructor.
    • It has 11 exercise modes.
    • It also has 50 m of 5 ATM water resistance.
    • Whether you are exercising inside or outside, Mi Watch Lite monitors your movement in real-time and establishes precise training objectives to help you get better results.
    • The watch tracks your trajectory, speed, distance, and the number of calories burned. Al credit goes to GPS+GLONASS positioning and various smart sensors.
    • It can track any variations in heart rate, giving you a clear picture of how well your training is going.
    • The watch’s PPG sensor allows it to properly track your heart rate throughout the day and alert you when it rises above typical limits. It can also record your resting heart rate data for 30 days to track long-term heart rate variations.
    • To help you maintain healthy sleeping habits, analyze your sleep quality by keeping a detailed sleep log that includes details like deep sleep, light sleep, and duration.
    • To reduce stress anytime, anywhere, practise guided breathing exercises for 1 to 5 minutes at a predetermined pattern.
    • The watch keeps track of your daily heart rate, exercise, and sleeping patterns to keep you informed about your health.
    • Battery life of up to 9 days, avoiding daily charging hassle.
    • Additional useful features on your wrist include daily logs of the number of calories burnt, steps taken, and times you’ve stood up; view notifications from apps, texts, and calls right away; while keeping your phone in your pocket, control the music; activate your idle alerts to remain awake, and so on.


    Fitbit Charge 5

    • Its cost is ₹ 14,999/-
    • To help you connect the dots between exercise, sleep, and stress so you can make the best decisions for your body, mind, and health, this cutting-edge fitness and health tracker comes with 6 months of Premium.
    • Additionally, you can find cutting-edge stress-reduction solutions and more on your wrist.
    • The finest of Sense—advanced tools for stress reduction, heart health, and more—are now available in a brand-new Sage Grey with a silver stainless steel frame.
    • If you upgrade to Premium, you’ll receive a daily score in the app that analyses data from your body to determine if you should prioritize healing over exercise.
    • It has color AMOLED touchscreen display with a waterproof rating of 50 m.
    • The operating temperature is from -10o C to 45o

    Latest Mi Watch, Latest Fitbit Watch & Latest Fastrack Smart Watch

    Fastrack Reflex Curv Smart Watch

    • Its cost is ₹ 4,495/-
    • Fastrack Reflex Curv is a stylish, functional smartwatch with a stunning, unique 2.5D curved display.
    • It has a curved rectangular case, some eye-catching colourful design possibilities, and is a statement of style and comfort.
    • Cobalt Blue, Ebony Black, and Dusty Pink are three attractive colour options.
    • With built-in functions like 24-7 HRM, SpO2, Body Temperature, Sleep Tracker, Women’s Health, 20+ Multisport modes, Sedentary Reminder, and more, this device is the ideal partner for your health goals.
    • Reflex Curv’s call, SMS, and social media notifications are on your wrist, so you never miss a critical notification.
    • All of this with a battery life of up to 7 days.
    • The glass is mineral glass, the strap material is silicon, and the case material is aluminium.


    So, from the above article, people will get a clear idea about the features of the latest Mi watch, latest Fitbit watch and latest Fastrack smartwatch. Consumers interested in buying smart wearables can choose any of the above according to their budget without any dilemma.

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