Five latest Fastrack Smartwatches -August-September 2022

    Smartwatches have become an essential part of the modern technological experience. Every person who uses smartphones should pair it with a smartwatch that gives you the benefits of hands-free calling and fitness tracking and is now equipped with almost all the functions that a smartphone can do for connectivity.

    Fastrack Smartwatches are some of the finest from which you can choose the one you like. They come with various specifications; they act as a personalized electric butler and a travel companion. It monitors health and fitness and enables you to connect with your phone without having to take it out of your pocket.

    This article will deal with the latest five Fastrack watches, as deciding upon a single smartwatch from all the differences can get a little overwhelming, and thus this will help you out. This article will analyze everything you possibly want to know about the watches, handpicked from the whole variety, ranging from model features to price and giving you the value for money.

    Before diving into smartwatches, let us understand why having a smartwatch is necessary in today’s world.

    Smartwatches are small computers that are to be worn. It makes accessibility a lot easier and simpler. It can give you information and the exquisite experience of hands-free calling along with the service google assistant or Siri just a tap at your wrist away. The services do not end just here. Smartwatches include GPS tracking and map services that will provide you with a mini-map whenever needed. Fitness tracking can be elaborated into calorie tracking, heart rate tracking, sleeping pattern tracking, steps counter, and some smartwatches that come with a spO2 calculator.

    Now onto the smartwatches-

    1. Fastrack Reflex Vox

    Fastrack Reflex Vox is one of the most recently announced smartwatches by Fastrack. The Reflex Vox is one of the first smartwatches in the Fastrack Reflex Range. It has the following specifications –

    • equipped with a 1.69-inch HD display.
    • It comes with a flexing 10-day battery stability.
    • It is default connected to Amazon Alexa.
    • It also has over 1000 customizable watch faces and many other customizable widgets.
    • It also has a whopping 40 different sports modes and several fitness functions.

    The manufacturer claims that the Fastrack Reflex Vox will have a battery life that will extend upto ten days on a single charge. It has all the features you want, from music playback, social media and other connectivity notifications alert, hydration reminder, and decent camera control. The Fastrack Reflex Vox is compatible with both Android and iOS software when it comes to connection.

    It has a beautiful and comfortable design, along with multiple sports options. It also offers many health-centric options and also comes with built-in Amazon Alexa.

    2. Fastrack Reflex 3.0

    Although this will look like a very common and traditional fitness tracker at first glance, this rectangular 1-inch TFT comes with a susceptible touch display. The price is ₹ 1,795/-

    • It has the following specifications: –
    • It has 10+ sports modes and makes fitness fun for people.
    • It has various faces for various moods.
    • It has a sleep tracker to measure big dreams.
    • It has the Fastrack Reflex World app.
    • It has an epic dashboard design.
    • It has a full-touch color display and two-tone design to make people funky.
    • It has intelligent notifications to make people updated as fast as possible.
    • It has accurate high sensors to track your BPM.
    • It has a breathing mode.
    • It is IP68 water resistant.

    3. Fastrack Reflex Play

    Reflex Play, the newest smartwatch from Fastrack, was presented in India. The smartwatch is approved with an IP68 water resistance rating and has four distinct color variations. More specifications of Reflex Play are: –

    • The cost is ₹ 5,995/-
    • It is ideal for unisex.
    • The display size is 33 mm.
    • The strap material is made up of silicone.
    • It has an AMOLED display type.
    • The dial shape is round.
    • It is a lightweight watch weighing only 45 gm.
    • It has a 24*7 heart rate monitor.
    • It has in-built games.
    • It has a blood pressure monitoring system.
    • It has a SpO2 tracker.
    • It has a menstruation cycle tracker.
    • It has breathing exercises.
    • It has a sleep monitor.
    • It has various sports modes to provide fitness with style.
    • It has numerous animated watch faces.
    • It has a music control system.
    • It has a hopeful message and calls notifications to let people stay updated.
    • It has Reflex World app support.

    4. Fastrack Reflex 2C

    The cost of the Fastrack Reflex 2C Fitness Band is ₹ 1,450 in India. It has the following specifications: –

    • It has a full-touch color display.
    • It has a range of three dual-toned designs.’
    • It has various watch faces.
    • It has a vibration alarm.
    • It has smart call and message notifications.
    • It has a sleep tracker.
    • It has a phone finder.
    • It has a system of activity trackers.
    • It has sedentary reminders.
    • It has a music control and camera control system.
    • It is IPX6 water resistant.
    • It has around seven days of battery life.
    • It is a lightweight watch weighing only 32 gm.
    • It has Bluetooth connectivity.

    5. Fastrack Reflex Unisex Smartwatch

    The specifications of the above watch are: –

    • It has a 1.69″ Large Touchscreen Display with Premium Controls.
    • You may use Alexa’s built-in voice assistant to set reminders, alarms, and items to add to your shopping list.
    • Extended battery life super long battery life of 10 days to use all watch features without any issues.
    • Comprehensive Health Suite with a menstrual tracker to monitor your cycle and a 24-hour heart rate monitor, blood oxygen level monitor, and SPO2 tracker.
    • With the watch’s active stress and sleep monitor, you can monitor your stress levels and sleep quality.
    • It has attractive 100+ individual watch faces to change the look of your watch every day.
    • There is a 10+ Sports mode with a 5 ATM water resistant level for all your sports pursuits.
    • This has interchangeable straps, so you may adjust it to suit your mood and style.
    • The dedicated app is supported by Fastrack VOX, which has a user-friendly interface. To make a wise move toward fitness, download and install the “Fastrack VOX” App from Google Play or the App Store.



    So, from the above article, readers will get a crystal-clear idea about the latest Fastrack smartwatches released in India. They can choose any of the above watches without confusion and quickly feel the essence of technology on their wrist.

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