Google launch its first ever smartwatch Google Pixel watch

    Google Pixel watch Features and Review

    The Google Pixel devices come with a plethora of the latest technologies, and the new smartwatch that is about to be launched has been adorned with even more features than ever. The Google Pixel Smartwatch comes with a fantastic display, tonnes of features enough to take care of most needs of the wearers, and is almost equal to any smart cellular device in terms of features. On pairing this with Google Pixel mobiles, this device becomes one of the most sought-after wearables wearers can have. Once launched in the market, the watch might be able to replace many smartwatches owing to its features and sleek and stylish look.

    Google Pixel watch Advantage:

    Let us look into some of this new device’s advantages.

    Health support from Fitbit

    • This new device has incorporated almost all health and fitness features that Fitbit users get on their smartwatches. Features like step counting, workout tracking, distance covered, and calories burnt are present in the watch.
    • A heart rate monitor is present, which tracks heartbeats very accurately and the ECG app on the watch looks out for atrial fibrillation.
    • Spo2 monitor measures blood oxygen levels.
    • Two apps called Sleep Score and Sleep Stages track your sleep cycle, record the number of hours you have rested, and look out for any movements during your sleep.
    • Your breathing rate, heart rate, and other health metrics are recorded and stored in a dedicated server and are available for viewing on the Fitbit dashboard.
    • Upon acquiring Fitbit premium, hundreds of new workout regimes and features like Daily Readiness Score are unlocked.

    Features from Google

    • The highly accurate GPS tracker on the watch provides an interactive, easy-to-use interface for navigation.
    • The device can be paired with Google Home and can control the most smart devices around the house, which are compatible with the watch’s operating system.
    • Gmail can be used look into your emails, and Google Calendar can also be used to look into your appointments on the watch itself.
    • Contactless payments can be easily made using Google pay and Google Wallet can be used for using the watch for transit.
    • The Google Play Store can be used to access tons of other apps like Strava, on the watch.
    • YouTube premium has been included for three months to get hands-on with your latest favorite tracks.
    • Calls can be received when the watch is paired with the Pixel buds while your phone is not within reach.
    • Fall detection is a feature that will be launched in the following year, which will be able to detect a hard fall and inform your trusted contacts about your whereabouts.

    Very classy design

    • The watch has a metal body with circular dome-shaped glass that smoothly bends into the stainless steel.
    • The 3D glass has a seamless look and is smooth in terms of touch responsiveness. The button present on the side is also helpful in accessing the apps on the watch.
    • The watch is available in matt black, gold, and silver colors with around 20 customizable straps. The straps come in various materials, including leather and a metal band is due next spring. These accessory bands come at an additional cost ranging between 49 USD and 199 USD.
    • The watch face’s display is customizable with tons of layouts available, and your photos from Google photos can also be used for the display.

    User-friendly interface

    • Google Pixel smartwatch is compatible with all Pixel devices. However, it is compatible with all Android 8.0 and above devices and even with iOS devices.
    • The glass is scratch resistant, and the watch is water resistant to 50 meters.
    • A battery backup of 24 hours has been promised, with a quick charge of 50 percent in just 30 minutes.
    • Inbuilt memory of 32 GB is present with a RAM of 2 GB.
    • Currently, the device is priced at 349 USD for Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. With the 4G LTE connection, it has been priced at 399 USD, along with Fitbit premium and YouTube music premium included in the package.

    Having been launched at the October event of Google, the watch is available for pre-booking only and will be launched into the market on October 13. It will be available in the US, UK, and countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Ireland. However, India is yet to see its launch. An expected price of approximately 30,000 INR is estimated in the country. The watch is expected to outshine several intelligent wearables in the market owing to its features coming from two leading companies, making it a potentially powerful device in terms of productivity and design. However, nothing can be said with a cent percent assurance unless customers use the watch and the features are being used in real time. We however hope that the device is going to overwhelm customers and their expectations.

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