Latest Apple 8 Smartwatch Review and Specifications

    Smartwatch Apple series 8

    Apple Series 8 Smartwatch Newly launched in 2022. Apple has come up with yet another watch series with exquisite features and extravagant, intricate designs

    This device was released on Friday, September 16, and has been a hit worldwide.

    The product’s beginning amount stands at $399, providing a 41- millimeter GPS – only version or the amount stands at $499, providing the GPS + cellular version or the last one at the amount of $529

    Apple 8 smartwatch Specifications


      Unlike its former counterpart, the Apple 8 watch doesn’t have much striking difference from the Apple Watch 7. It has an updated always-on-display mode and an additional QWERTY keyboard for messaging.

    The significant difference one might find is the delicate design that has been focused upon. Users who switched from the previous version would most certainly agree. For someone who had an experience with an Apple series 4 or 5. An extended screen space would be a new thing to work upon

    The watch is a touchscreen. It comes with a slide button and a digital crown. It also allows users to select from its varied color options ranging from Red, Silver to Starlight and Midnight. It can also be customized as per the user’s choice.


    The updates on the last series weren’t much as such, have surprisingly added up bit by bit on time, and have successfully created a gap within each predecessor. The series 8 for sure had varied changes under the good. The predecessor chip is more or less the same, not precisely a faster or upgraded one like the S7 or similar to the S6. It just has an add-on of several sensors, namely two temperature sensors and a new high accelerometer.


    Skin Temperature sensor:-

     The temperature sensor is something that is nowadays frequently found in digital watches like Fitbit etc., but Apple has added its touch to it. Out of the two sensors the first one is placed under the display and the second one can be found closer in contact with the skin.

    The goal is to ensure that it does not give out arbitrary readings.

    The skin temperature sensor feature on the new Apple Series 8 comes with an update, specifically on the following fields.

    Sleep tracking

    Cycle tracking

    The sleep tracking feature keeps any changes in the average overnight temperature on a tab. One can now view their sleep stages in a detailed pattern enclosed in its health app.

    Focusing on the aspect of late-night parties or sudden ventures

    Its additional cycle tracking feature is a blessing in disguise for its female customers. If the user is someone who wishes to conceive, it lets them know the exact time of their ovulation windows by using their wrist temperature. It also provides information if someone goes through an abnormal ovulation cycle Or gives off symptoms of PCOS ( Polycystic ovarian syndrome). Still, activating these features requires an overall evaluation of a month or more.

    Data and information handling are end-to-end encrypted and are cent percent safe and secure. It also allows users to remove this information from the device whenever they wish.

    Crash detection

     Apple had made sure to protect the life of its customers, and it’s a smart move that adds to its exquisite features. The advanced gyroscope and new accelerometer are used to measure changes in gravitational force upto 256 g. They work in tandem with the watch’s barometer and the GPS and microphone to detect fatal situations or sudden boosts or directions. If the device detects any crash by chance, it immediately contacts the emergency services, and the user can cancel it within the first 10 seconds of it.

    This feature was present before if, by any chance, any user witnessed a fatal accident. The Apple Watch is equipped with fall detection and emergency SOS features, crash detection has an upgraded software version, and several motion sensors in this safety tool. It includes two new motion sensors and a gyroscope and accelerometer.

    Gyroscope – motion sensors that detect and measure the angular motion of an object

    Accelerometer – an instrument for measuring the acceleration of a moving or vibrating body

    Together, they help in sampling motion 4 times faster than before, enabling it to detect a crash immediately. If so, it will immediately try to contact emergency services or the user’s emergency contacts. It would be beneficial in critical situations. This key striking feature is a massive difference between Apple Watch 8 v/s Apple watch SE (2022), indicating that both value life, security, and safety more than at a pocket-friendly cost.

    Battery life with power mode

     The Apple watch series 8 is enabled with low power mode. Most of its devices have a power reserve mode notifying the user when the battery is about to die. This set helps disable power-draining features so that it works with ease.

    This feature can be very easily found on the Apple watch’s low power mode which is available at the control center and can be easily changed as per the user’s choice based on the situation, the low power mode can be turned off automatically after 1 day, 2 day Or 3 days.

    If used at an average rate, the battery lasts for 18 hours, but us the low power mode is switched on, it would last upto 36 hours.

    The charger itself is induced with fast charging, letting the device charge in an hour. It can even be used for many purposes, that is, and the Airpods Pro 2 can also be charged using this charger.

    Even if the battery saver mode is enabled, it will not save the battery life magically for a more significant number of days. It just provides a head start and can help conjure the battery to a limited extent.

    The Apple Watch also has a new feature where you can customize your workouts and navigate or put your heart rate and daily activities under surveillance.

    Outdoor and safety features

    The Apple Watch has an induced siren that is 86 decibels loud with its speaker system. It might be perceived as faint, so it just falls back in terms of outdoor safety, and personal safety can sometimes be questioned. It even lacks the compass pass available on the Apple Watch ultra.



     The purpose is to make the screen seem more significant than ever, and it allows the user to switch up the color backgrounds whenever they wish to


     The calendar app has gone through a change, and it does make good use of the more prominent display allowing the user a better view of their overall schedule. It even had a remainder feature that could be included in it. If someone needs a remainder be it on their medication or their daily activities


    The redesigned compass app is the most loved above all. It helps the users to drop waypoints whenever they wish to, it also provides their geographical points of interest and one can even retrace their steps using backtrack ensuring yet another safety feature, so that they don’t lose track.

    The workout app

    The new workout order allows you to add several metrics. It also allows us to view our heart rate zones. It is a delight that Apple has finally added the ability to create one’s custom interval workouts. It is beneficial for Beginners Or the absolute layman or intermediate workouts.

    Overall review

    Looking at the overall equipment and products used, it can be put to the test any day. It has considered the whole social sphere a good thing, but to cover everyone’s criteria, it somehow missed standing out as the best outcome for the company itself.


    1. Wonderful layout and display
    2. Longevity of battery enabled
    3. It is 100% waterproof
    4. Has ECG, heart rate sensors
    5. Crash detection


    1. The siren feature should not have been discarded
    2. Fewer color options
    3. It seems a bit overpriced



     The Apple Watch 8 is not entirely a new series, but it has many exciting add-ons attracting its potential and interested customers.

    Its intelligent features of sensors – able to detect skin temperatures, the battery power saver mode, and the crash detection make it a food competition against series 7 but the product in itself is not revolutionary as it was expected to be.

    It would be a particular delight for its owners who would enjoy fidgeting with its new updates, attracting a lot of users from different backgrounds, be it, people who are health conscious, be it people who need to keep track of their daily activities or be it the female population checking on their ovulation cycle.

    It might sometimes come off as wrong, which can be a significant concern for certain people. Therefore, one must undoubtedly ensure that it’s upto the mark.








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