Fire-Boltt has introduced Fire Pods Ninja 601 its first Gaming Earbuds (TWS)

    601 Fire bolt Earbud

    Indian smart technology device company Fire-Boltt has introduced Fire Pods Ninja 601 its first gaming earbuds (TWS). The main feature of this earbuds is a separate gaming mode available in Fire-Boltt Fire Pods Ninja 601 make this a Gaming Earbuds. Apart from this, there is an ultra-low latency mode which is 40ms. The company has claimed the best gaming experience with the Fire-Boltt Fire Pods Ninja 601. Lights are also provided with Fire-Boltt Fire Pods Ninja 601 so that the enjoyment of gamers is doubled. Fire Pods Ninja 601 has a 10mm full range driver, which boasts of great bass and better audio experience. SUPER SyncTM technology has been given in it, about which the company has said that they will be connected to the phone as soon as the earbuds are placed in the ears.

    Separate ANC and ENC modes have been given in Fire-Boltt Fire Pods Ninja 601. You can also eliminate the background noise of these earbuds and enjoy better calling. Regarding the battery of Fire-Boltt Fire Pods Ninja 601, the company has claimed a backup of 24 hours with the charging case. It has got an IPX5 rating for water resistance.

    The Buds also come with support for the Boltt Play app and through the app itself, you can watch shows from Jio Saavn and Spotify as well as Zee5 and earn reward points. It has a Type-C port for charging. There will be a backup of 6 hours in gaming mode.


    Launching Offer: Buy Fire Pods Ninja 601 under a limited period offer at a launching price of Rs 899:

    The Fire-Boltt Fire Pods Ninja 601 can be purchased in black and white colors from the company’s website under a limited period offer at a launching price of Rs 899.

    Below Are the main features of Fire-Boltt Fire Pods Ninja 601

    Astounding Bass

    Fall in love with your favourites, all over again. With 10mm drivers,the bass is powerful and the music is immersive.

    Gaming Mode

    Put the outside world on hold and focus completely on your gaming. The Ninja 601 pods come with a dedicated Gaming Mode that ensures next-level audio output and ultra low latency of up to 40ms for the best gaming experience.

    Play Without Any Delay

    The Fire-Pods Ninja 601 comes with SUPER SyncTM Technology that enables you to connect with your phone as soon as you pop the earbuds into your ears.

    Fingertips Control

    Choose how you manage your music and gear every beat come alive with the smart technology in buds that provide you smooth touch functionality.

    Never-Ending Conversations

    Listen more, talk more, and enjoy the clutter-free immersive audio on the Ninja 601 pods. With the latest Bluetooth 5.2, these firepods ensure zero interference between your favorite conversations.

    Enjoy Exclusive Benefits Of Boltt Play App

    Connect your audio device and earn exciting rewards on the Boltt Play App. With Boltt Play App, Enjoy music by Jio Saavn and Spotify, binge-watch your favorite series with Zee5 and earn exciting rewards.


    What is TWS Earbuds?

    WS Earbud is the leading technology in the segment of audio. It gives you the liberty to move freely while you’re enjoying music or attending calls since there are no wires that are connected to each other or when with the phone. This quality alongside the powerful sound system makes it the best-selling audible product in the market.

    Now, let’s get down to know what exactly TWS actually mean:

    This blog is to keep you thoroughly informed about the TWS technology, and the meaning of “TWS” in the segment of earbuds.

    What does TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Technology mean?

    As the name suggests for itself, TWS literally means there is no need for a wire to connect the audibles with your phone. The connection is done via Bluetooth Signals in place of wires.

    TWS Earbuds vs Wireless Earbuds

    A pair of wireless earbuds does have a Bluetooth connection but at the same time, it has wires too, not connected with the phone but connected to each other. These wires are there to join the earbuds on both sides of each other. Whereas, the TWS Bluetooth Connection does not have such limitations as well.

    TWS Earbuds do not have any connecting wires ev between each other which leads us to the conclusion that you can simply wear a single piece of earbuds yourself and hand the other to somebody and enjoy music together or be a part of the same call together, much more conveniently.

    Now, what are the advantages of TWS Earbuds?

    • TWS Earbuds allow absolute Liberty

    You can enjoy absolute liberty since there are no wires and hence, no restriction to stay in one place or to keep your phone in your hand always. Once you are habitual of this technological liberty, there will not be any coming back to the old technology. So, now you can dance it out without the hassle of holding your phone in your hand.

    • TWS Earbuds enable multi-tasking

    By now, you must have realised that this wireless technology enables you to multi-task. You can literally leave your phone on the table or on the other side of the room and complete your tasks while being on the call or listening to music. This technology has given an instant rise to your workout sessions when it comes to shaking off the boredom.

    • TWS Technology decreases the possibility of any type of Damage

    The removal of wires has made the process of keeping and handling earbuds way easier than how it used to be. If you own a pair of TWS Earbuds then all the wire-related issues become irrelevant like the functioning of the jack, the connection getting interrupted frequently, etc.


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