2023 Buying Guide for Earbuds

    how to buy best earbuds


    Listening to good music can make a person feel different emotions. Most people nowadays prefer wireless earbuds instead of tangled wired earphones. But wireless earbuds need extra care while packing. Many smartphones do not have an earphone jack these days.

    The majority of us know well about wireless headphones already. It’s slowly becoming affordable. Wireless headphones are easy to use, weightless and an excellent accessory for your smartphone. Choosing your wireless earbud is necessary as there are both perfect and bad choices in the market already. To make it easier, we have some tips and facts you need to tick off before purchasing the right pair of headphones.


    Headphones are more than a way to listen to music these days. It has been developed into a smart wearable technological device connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It is hard to decode every important specification when buying one for the first time. Through this, you can easily spend less time researching and investing in a sound earbud for more music enjoyment.

    There is a wide range of headphones of different shapes, colours, sizes, connection types, ear tips, etc. We will break it down to the most basic types of headphones available in the market for your understanding-

    •) Over-ear Headphones
    •) On-ear Headphones
    •) In-ears
    •) Wireless Earbuds.

    But here in this article, we’ll discuss wireless earbuds’ features, pros, and cons. This a helpful guide for you to get your preferred earbud.


    The markets already have many cheap alternatives for wireless headphones. Most of these are not wireless and might come with a separate jack to connect to before listening. Also, the audio of these earbuds can be terrible as well.

    Actual wireless headphones require a Bluetooth chip for a good and strong connection. Cheap headphones use low-quality Bluetooth chips that may cause a noticeable delay in the audio while watching a video. The poor quality of the microphone can cause a disaster while being on a call from such earphones.


    Wireless earbuds are the top wanted thing in the market that everyone wants. Headphone manufacturers are busy getting a pair of wireless headphones on the market. The manufacturers who still need to get products ready to sell are purchasing generic models and adding their brands to stay caught up.

    Nevertheless, not all wireless earbuds are equally designed. Some renowned brands are out in the market, and some truly dreadful ones. If you look thoroughly due to conscientiousness when choosing a pair, you can avoid the worst models available and purchase something worth the investment. Earbuds are something that we need in our everyday life. We use them daily while exercising, on the way to work, etc. Hence, it’s worth getting a good and long-lasting pair if you enjoy listening to music, audiobooks or watching movies on your smartphone.

    1: The Cost of the Earbuds

    You can find multiple cheap alternatives for earbuds in the market, but you should always avoid them. Investing in a sound earbud will help you have a better experience, and they do not come at bargain basement prices at all. A sound earbud needs a good quality Bluetooth chip like Qualcomm. It also requires a high-density battery to work longer than a few hours. If you can invest in a good quality earbud, because if it’s good, it won’t be cheap, then we can assure you will have a great experience.

    2: Design

    When considering buying a wireless earbud, the design should be one of the most important things you should look out for. The product will be with you for a long time, so you need to make sure the design and the fit of the earbuds are something you are comfortable with. If the buds are big, they might be painful to wear, and if it is small, they will fall off. these are noticeable in plastic earbuds like apple airpods or OnePlus earbuds, which do not have silicone ear-tips. If you need more clarification on your best fit, then you’re advised to look for alternatives available with a wide range of sizes or replaceable ear-tips.

    3: Look out for the Codecs

    Discovering the codecs your choice of earbuds support is essential. Basic models work only with SBC. The SBC codec does not support higher-resolution audio and sounds flat due to its limited transmission speed. For Android users, the world is open to everything for you. The latest Android device versions support many Bluetooth codecs, like the Hi-Res aptX HD, which has spectacular audio. As for Apple users, your earbuds will only support AAC. Apple devices only support high-quality AAC or SBC. So it would be best to be careful of what you buy since purchasing aptX or LDAC would save you money and time.

    4: Avoid Silicone Ear-Tips

    The essential feature one should be looking for before buying a pair of earbuds must be the ear-tips. Silicone ear tips are extraordinarily shallow or small and never set well in your ear canal. You would never be able to have a good experience if it happened. You would also be bothered by the outside noises mixing with the audio you’re trying to listen to hence why you need to choose a pair of earbuds with a range of sizes that fit your ears perfectly and make a proper seal for a better experience. Some wireless earphones contain a small ear fin that helps you to keep the earbud fitted inside your ears. Comfort and perfect fit should be your priority before choosing earbuds. Something that sits properly in your ear bowl and doesn’t fall off in between is fundamental.

    5: Remember to check the Battery Life

    Most wireless earbuds have a running time of between three to five hours. Once the quoted charging figure is used up, you must return your earbuds in their charging case. The charging case has a battery with enough charge to top up your earbuds’ charge. The charging can be done four to five times before you need to charge the charging case itself. You must know how long you can use your earbuds before setting them. If you find a runtime of twelve or fourteen hours, you must know it won’t run that long with just one charge.

    6: Control Buttons can be useful

    Expensive earbuds models include control buttons on the earpieces, which help you to increase your Volume, make calls, skip a song track or use voice commands. Cheaper wireless earbuds do not have these features, and you always need to use your smartphone to do these. Expensive earbuds can also pause music automatically when you pull it out of your ear. Check the control offers of your preferred earbuds closely. Choose earbuds with responsive controls, if not all of these, as mentioned earlier.

    7: Look out for the Noise Canceling feature for a better experience

    Few of the wireless earbuds come with Noise cancelling features, which help reduce the noises around you, like the sound of the railway track, cars honking, the sound of aeroplanes or anything obnoxious or a hindrance. But everything good has its cons, and for the Noise cancelling feature, it would be eating batteries faster than usual. So you need to be aware that you can only enjoy a short listening time, and your earbuds might be heavier to fit in with the larger-sized batteries required.

    The ‘Hear Thru” feature that comes along with the Noise cancelling earbuds allows users to adjust their comfortable and safe level of noise cancellation while jogging or working or walking around. You can mute the music by pressing the buttons on the earbuds and listen to someone or something without even removing the earbuds.

    8: Check out the sturdiness of the Charging Case

    Wireless earbuds come with a charging case for storing and charging the headphones. The sturdiness of the earbuds is one of the vital parts of earbuds. The case has to be sturdy enough for you to be able to carry it around each time. Check the hinge of the chance to know how sturdy the case is. It might even require bashing to make sure it’s tough enough.

    9: Make sure the Volume is good

    Wireless earbuds have a wide range of designs regarding volume levels. Some require total Volume to have a better experience, while others can work more than enough with just 50% volume. Make sure you compare several online models at the store before choosing the right one. Check the volume levels well if you’re buying it from a store because wireless headphones can’t have more than maximum Volume, unlike wired earphones.


    Wireless earbuds are excellent for morning exercises, listening to music, and watching movies or shows without those annoying cables connecting with each earpiece. They’re perfect for someone who needs to go outside and doesn’t want the hassle of handling tangled wires. The only con is battery life and fit. Before purchasing your perfect pair of earbuds, check off the tips from the list and compare a couple of good brands.

    Though Wireless earbuds can be an excellent option for people, they have advantages and disadvantages.


    Comfortable to wear

    • Wireless Earbuds are very comfortable. It fits perfectly inside your ear bowl, and you don’t have to worry about them falling out.
    • It does not fall off easily
    • Wireless earbuds grip seamlessly in your ears and allow you a smooth exercise time.
    • It comes in a chargeable case
    • Most wireless earbud sets come in a chargeable case that charges your earbuds once you place them inside. You can have four to five charges, after which you must charge the case.
    • Have multiple options and features
    • You can enjoy various options if you are ready to invest in a good earbud set.


    Extremely Expensive

    • Wireless earbuds with great features and controls can be extremely expensive.
    • It needs to be well Charged.
      You can have a long-lasting listening experience with your favourite music or show if you remember to keep the device well-charged.
    • Batteries deteriorate over time
    • The batteries of the wireless earbuds will deteriorate over time as they cannot be long-lasting.
    • You can easily misplace wireless earbuds
    • Wireless earbuds have a sleek and expensive design, but the cases can be easily misplaced. If you are someone who tends to leave their essentials behind, there may be better options than a wireless earbud.

    Finally, wireless earbuds can be an outstanding choice for someone well aware of the look and feel of it. It is worth buying if you’re ready to invest.
    Wireless earbuds are designed elegantly and have excellent sound quality for the best listening experience. All these advantages outweigh the cons of this device, and hence it’s worth the shot.



    Choosing the right pair of earbuds can be a hassle. Since the requirements of every individual are different. These are some tips a person can take while choosing an earbud for themselves.

    1) If you look online or in shops, you can find some very cheap earbuds, but it is advisable to wait to buy these. The reason is that decent earbuds need a good quality Bluetooth chip and should have high-density batteries to last a while between charges. So the quality of the product is being bargained at the cost of it.

    2) Find out the codecs which your earbuds support.SBC usually works with most of the models. Limited-speed codecs will not support high-resolution music. Someone who owns Apple earbuds must check to see if they support AAC. They support SBC, too, but the higher-quality ones support AAC. It’s better to buy the ones supporting AAC

    3) Ear-tips are one of the most important things one should pay attention to while using earbuds. Ear tips should be more significant and shallow to fit in the ear.

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