Top Companies in Smart Wearables Technology

    Dressing up has always been a significant factor in reflecting our personality. As the saying goes, “First impression is the last impression”, the way we dress up on the very first day does work wonders in creating the right observation about ourselves. Be it formal wear or casuals our attires often help us reflect our mood and gives us an insight of the occasion or event we are dressing up for. For instance, corporate sectors always prefer their employees in smart formal wear which reflects their smart and formal approach towards professionalism. In the 21st century dressing up has taken the definition a step ahead by adding smart wearables to the wardrobe where technology and apparels work together for the ease of work. Smart wearables are a luxury and the modern day brands have launched quite a list of these smart wearables which function like gadgets but can be a wearable as well.
    When it comes to dressing up smart, there are brands and companies who sell the best kind of smart clothing according to the latest trends and demand of the hour.
    Some of the top Companies in Smart Wearables Technology sector are listed below:

    1) Athos
    Athos is a smart apparel developer for the health and fitness market. The company’s apparel is designed to fit for workout sessions since it reads the vital signs of the body and beams that information to a software application, enabling athletes and coaches to get actionable insights around athletic training load and movement quality using personalized, muscle activity data. The company raised a Series C venture funding of $35.5 million in a deal led by Social Capital on November 18, 2015, putting the company’s pre-money valuation at $62.04 million. MAS Holdings, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Felix Capital, DCM Ventures, and True Ventures also participated in the round.

    2) Nike
    Nike has launched a smart shoe which is the Adapt BB, its first self-lacing basketball sneaker. The shoe is controlled by a small motor in the laces that can either be tightened or loosened by the touch of a button on the shoe or by using a smartphone app. The app can help customers get the correct fit as the laces adjust properly to the wearer’s foot size and dimensions. The smartphone app that connects to the sneakers via Bluetooth can control the laces and, may be able to provide shoe owners with performance data or helpful tips on how to improve in the future. The shoe needs to be charged every ten to fourteen days using a charging mat. The app that controls the shoes are available on iOS and Android. The shoes retail for $350.

    3) Under Armour
    Under Armour is an American sports equipment company founded by Kevin Plank in 1996 that manufactures, markets and distributes athletic apparels, accessories and footwear in North America and other territories. Consumers of Under Armour apparels include professional and amateur athletes, sponsored college and professional teams, and people with active lifestyles. Under Armour has created a smart wearable shoe called HOVR. The shoe has a fitness tracker which can measure nearly every running metric that exists including average speed, maximum speed, distance, time, calories burned, cadence, stride length and distance. It can even measure a runner’s steps to avoid the risk of injury. The company sells its merchandise through wholesale and direct-to-consumer channels, including e-commerce and more than four hundred total factory house and brand house stores.

    4) clim8
    clim8 is a company that creates an intelligent wearable technology which has the most advanced thermal technology designed to provide personalized thermoregulation through digital automation in smart clothing. The company’s technology analyses the wearer’s body temperature through its application and monitors by combining tiny sensors and a detachable battery back into the thermal layer and responds to the data and signals it has collected to deliver the appropriate amount of heat, enabling wearers to set their preferences and manage their comfort level in any conditions.

    5) Bonbouton
    Bonbouton is a US based smart clothing company that lets the customer measure and track essentials as well as activity in a comfortable manner and because of its extraordinary flexibility and thinness, the company ensures that graphene sensor arrays can be used in for constant and wireless monitoring of a variety of pathophysiological developments.

    6) Bellabeat
    Bellabeat is a smart wearable technology for wellness assistance of women by keeping a track of women’s health. It allows its users to track & monitor activity, sleep quality, stress levels, and menstrual cycles and offer insight to improve specific aspects of daily life. The initial product is a Quantified Pregnancy App device that attaches to an iPhone or Android smartphone and lets expectant mom hear, record, and share their baby’s heartbeat anytime. The Bellabeat app also helps women track other aspects of their pregnancies, such as weight gain and how often the baby kicks.

    7) Misfit Wearables
    Misfit Wearables is a US based company that sells consumer wearables hardware and software. There is great variety of products that include smartwatches, fitness trackers, and accessories. The company also provides an online mode of customization platform for selecting products, which allows customers to personalize products based on colour and straps. The smart clothing brand also provides a series of mobile apps in areas of smart home automation and personal fitness tracking.

    8) Hexoskin
    Hexoskin is a smart clothing brand that sells smart shirt featuring built in ECG, respiratory and activity sensors. When wearing this shirt it will be able to gather data on heart rate, breathing and activity levels such pace while running or steps while walking. Hexoskin smart shirts also track calories burned and cadence. It also tracks sleep if someone wears it to sleep. The smart shirts are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. A Hexoskin ProShirt and the Hexoskin Smart recording device retails for $579.

    These smart wearables definitely make Life easier and can perform multiple tasks together without any hassle. The brands are trust worthy and deliver their best to the customers who are eager to use these progressive smart wearables.

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