10 Best Smartwatches Under ₹999

    While looking for smartwatches we will always find ones beyond 2k generally. For anyone who is trying to save their budget, it will be disappointing. The market of low-cost smartwatches is now slowly saturated for this reason, making it hard to pick the best. So here’s a simple guide to start looking from- Explore the best 10 smartwatches under ₹999 with features like fitness tracking, health monitoring, and smartphone connectivity. Read our article on 10 Best Smartwatches Under ₹999 to find the perfect budget-friendly smartwatch for you.

    • Dr Trust USA Healthpal 1 (₹899)

    From a brand reputed for healthcare necessities, a smartwatch for fitness tracking is sure to be trusted. Keep track of your vitals 24×7 with real-time data such as BP, SpO2, Heart Rate, etc. To follow up, connect your smartwatch with Dr Trust 360 application on your phone and find all the data recorded there, ready to share anytime.


    It can also record the number of steps, track various exercises, time spent, distance covered, calories burnt, etc. Connecting it with the smartphone’s GPS will also allow it to chart the routes taken by the user along with the time spent for each location.

    The 99h long activity time it gives just on a single charge makes it a hassle-free device to maintain as well. But when the moment comes, a USB cable is provided which can be used in paired with a phone charger or computer.


    This full touch screen multitasker has adjustable screen brightness and easy-to-navigate features, making it usable by people of senior age group too, making it the reliable Healthpal it aspires to be.


    • Tokdis MX1 Pro (₹899)

    For an exquisite smartwatch within budget do not forget to check out this one and miss out. Sleek and elegantly designed, this watch has a body made of metal fully. The honeycomb structure-based menu interface makes it easier to use with all that is needed laying in front. With a twist of the crown provided at the side, the screen can be enlarged or shrinked as per which gives ease to the eyes and enjoy a variety of experiences. The watch has 4 in-built watch faces to pick from, widening the variety of experiences for the user.


    Along with the programmes to track Heart Rate, SpO2 etc, the smartwatch also has 100 kinds of sports modes to suit the varying degrees of activity and adjust the tracking along with the performance of the user. With a 180mAh battery, the smartwatch is good to go for 5 days with standard use. The IP67-rated water resistance makes it worry-free in all weather conditions no matter the moisture content. Getting this pro, will get anyone going with the flow.


    • CYLECT mi (₹495)

    With a price of around half of the maximum budget, this smartwatch is for anyone who wants their bases covered without spending for fancier features that are not even needed in their life.

    Good for day-to-day coverage, this daily activity tracker keeps your body under watch. From calorie counting to sleep tracking, the smartwatch got your back all the time whether you are burning up or cooling down. It also gives you 8 sports modes to get going. Plus no need to worry about working out in humid weather or building up a sweat with pressure, this IP67 water-resistant will not let you down.


    Apart from tracking things, it will also keep you up with the notifications on the connected phone and also control calls and music. Coming in 3 vibrant shades of pink, yellow and blue, this basic and budget smartwatch is particularly good in the hands of kids and younger teenagers.


    • Zebronics ZEB FIT280CH (₹933)

    A popular choice among youths today, Zebronics, a brand renowned for its quality electronic products, is keeping up with the times and brought out a wide range of smartwatches in recent years.


    This stylish smartwatch, blending with the normal of the new age, has all the features like blood pressure, heart rate tracking etc. The 12 sports mode allows all the trackers and sensors to collect data on your physical activities along with the time spent and calories burnt suitably. With a system to help you with meditative breathing, it takes care of your mental and emotional health, and not just physical health.


    Even after making 100 watch faces available to select from, the brand gives the users the ability to customise and create watch faces as per their taste. With features like weather forecast, alarm, camera and music controls etc, the ZEB FIT is the pick for the youth.



    • SK HOMEMAKERS D18 (₹499)

    One of the best budgets buys from a brand still not well known in the market. Never miss out on any notification while having this smartwatch on. Once connected with a smartphone, it will push all the notifications to the watch face allowing you to keep up with whatever is going on and around you. Plan and stick to them with an accessible calendar and alarm as well. This smartwatch will prove to be a really smart assistant.

    After connecting it with a companion application on the phone, it can track and monitor your data body by measuring heart rate, blood pressure, number of steps taken, calories burnt, etc. The recording will get synced with the app, where we can view it anytime and share it as well. For anyone trying out smartwatches to get hang of the current digital electronics before moving on to costlier and more complicated ones, this smartwatch will be useful.


    • Fire Boltt Ninja (₹999)

    The ultimate smartwatch for the do-it people. The 1.3’’ inch HD display might not sound anything unique, but it will catch your attention by the fact that it has a 2.5D curve, giving it the polish high-end look. The metal-encased body only adds to its beauty outside. But even taking care of the inside, the smartwatch has 200+ watch faces waiting to change into.


    Not going to the regular known features, it sure can track your vitals and monitor your daily activities. With a week of active time and 7 kinds of sports modes, it is not something too special. Although it might not be best for any one particular feature, it surely is noteworthy in lots of them. After all, we only know ‘Jack of all trades is master of none’ but we hardly remember that ‘It is certainly better than master of one.’


    • OLICOM M1 (₹499)

    Upgrade to a smartwatch easily without making a hole in your pockets with this M1. With not only blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate monitoring ; this smartwatch enables you to track even sleep and menstrual cycle. This makes it a very beneficial tracking band for people who menstruate, and that too at a very affordable price. It even has a guided relaxation feature that is helpful to mental health. Having IP68 water resistance, enables you to get yourself monitored even when you swim and splash.


    Stay up to date with any event and happenings with the built-in clocks, alarms and calendars. The notifications from the SNS applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and other social media are also pushed just like SMS. Switching back to those classic analogues, or even hybrid or digital watches will feel empty once this upgrade gets you habituated.


    • pTron Pulsefit F21 Plus (₹899)

    Coming this far down the list in search of the perfect smartwatch on a budget, this one might make you want to stay. Packing a power of 250mAh battery, this smartwatch will be running long and pull you along.


    Charge it up in less than 3 hours and get ready for fast-paced weeks. At full charge, it can keep going for 12 days, while on standby it will be supporting you for 20 days. The sensors will sync not only with your phone but also with your body and bring perfect harmony. With just a lift of your wrists, the screen will light up automatically and allow you to work your way. The brightness will adjust automatically with the surroundings and is also adjustable by the user, bringing the highest level of comfort to the user experience. So sleep tight or get into a fight, this pTron Pulsefit will push you with all its might.


    • Pebble Track (₹999)

    Talking about smartwatches it sure gets repetitive with all the features lining up. Without any doubt, this one will also help you in monitoring your physical health. Built to track blood oxygen saturation level, heart rate and blood pressure, it will provide you with all the info you need to care for your heart.


    The activity tracker will count the calories burnt for you along with measuring the number of steps taken, distance covered and the time taken. But we should move on to the features that truly sets it apart. At 1.85’’, it has the largest display in the price range and is fully touchscreen. The case is also made of metal alloy. Apart from keeping up with your sports activities, it will also keep you up with the inbuilt mini-games provided. So make it an accomplice and get together for fun.


    • TXOR Storm M5 (₹494)

    Lastly coming to this little lightweight one. Remaining true to its name, this smartwatch is a storm for those active ones. For those for whom work and efficiency matter rather than vanity, this one packs the best features.

    With a 100 mAh battery it can stay up the whole 24 hours of continuous usage and stay around 8 days i.e. 194 hours on standby mode. All these with just 2 hours of charging up quickly ! It requires no cable, as the USB port is in the case of this smartwatch which can be entered into the charging port directly. With just Bluetooth connectivity with your phone and with the help of its companion app, it can record your blood pressure, oxygen saturation level, heart rate, number of steps taken, sleep habits etc. If the budget is too tight to spare, but the necessity is overbearing go for this one without hesitation.


    Final Thoughts

    It is tempting to get in the flow of modern times, but the rush of the flow may seem scary. We will also find ourselves not having enough of what’s required to get in the flow i.e. money. Anything new will surely cost a lot and will take time to settle and get lower in cost. But waiting out for that time will make you fall behind and miss out. So try out the taste of the best without emptying the coffers for daily needs.

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